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by Elephant

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Summer 04:18
The closest that I came is knowing I will never feel the same way I tried to figure what I did wrong Inside I'm laughing, in here I belong There's a village in my head, I hung it from its legs and it bled out and now Im dead My bones are soft and porous and I chose to ignore it and I'll never get ahead I ran away from the happiest Summer Great grandmother prayed for me last night in a dream I ache for my friends, I long for that feeling In the pit of my stomach to the backs of my ears I eat to remember, I drink to be theirs I long for that Summer But the closest that I came is knowing I will never feel the same
Dress me in your Sunday best and sip the cup from your own breast I can't depend on your forgiveness Little lamb; I need to witness love Dress me in your Sunday clothes and strip the dove and sell for gold My weight is measured in my actions Not in favours, not in fashions, in love I can't live on bended knee My knees are too weak
Waiting Game 04:51
I wish my house was haunted it would make sense of the voices that I hear I wish my eyes could focus but all I ever notice is my fear Turn up the television, I don't want to listen to myself It's to quiet in my bedroom, I ought to try out someone else's Open up your heart, be honest; did you ever really call us in the end? You said you'd stop you promised, how many gin and tonics have you had? Turn up the television, I don't want to listen to them yell It was a sunny afternoon, are you less partial to a sunny spell But soon I'll be moving on, this is just a waiting game Who would play this just for fun? I need to know who is to blame There's the man; afriad of bridges How does he cross over water? Burn it down, burn it down Are you flammable? Supernatural? Soon I'll move on, this is just a waiting game
Living Alone 02:35
If you had a boat but couldn't tie knots And the tide made it float right out of the docks You should never give up You're lost on the salt, blistering skin exhausted from hope and feeling so thin You should never give up Crusty eyes open, scratching the ground You have beaten the ocean but no ones around Well don't ever give up Lighting a fire for the angels to notice Fighting the dire state that you call this It's just living alone Taste your bones breaking, spilling the marrow Such a waste all this aching, drilling for sorrow Mining the misery and mourning the morrow Because I'll find myself bitterly awake
Happy Happy birthday Is it your birthday? It's not your birthday Look that's okay I got my days wrong I sung the wrong song So, so long Happy Happy to see you Though I don't want to I'll do it for you So long Waiting for so long For you to leave again What's different between now and then? I am happy I am lost
Lie Fallow 04:05
Nothing ever changes in my place And that's the way I like it here People look the same way backwards, pages read upside down They're belly-flopping in the backpool Maybe we've already drowned? Because nothing ever changes in my place Kissing strangers in the street My tongue is getting tied up, my knees are getting weak I feel like I should say something before we fall asleep Maybe my need to sympathize makes it hard to say goodbye But I don't wan't to live forever So maybe I should go, lie fallow Because nothing ever changes in my place And that's the way I like it here Keeping out of trouble, so safe inside this bubble But it's getting hard to breathe now I think the air is running out! Paying off the boatmans hand and praying for a promise land I don't want to live forever Maybe I should go, lie fallow
Mirrors 05:40
I watched a tiny river flow into a massive ocean I expect that all things living in it died upon exposure To the salt and sharks and coral and the dirty oily spillage That tends to turns the surface of the water into a giant mirror We stared into the ocean to see each other’s faces I remembered how I met you We cared for each other and if I had a bit more patience I’d remember why I loved you We walk along the shore, my shoes were full with sand and gravel Forgetting where you come from is a useful way to travel Regret is for a Sunday morning sick from all the intake I don’t regret the walking but I do regret the mistakes We stared under the covers to see each other naked I remembered how I met you We cared for each other and if I had a little more patience I’d remember why I loved you – I remember why I loved you
Human 03:01
I'm only human, or close enough Following baby into the dark Sing me a lullaby, tell me a song Stories for bribes when the boatmen come I'm only human I'm at the river with no shoes on Holding my silver under my tongue Hoping that winter won't last too long Following baby into the dawn I'm only human
Bury me next to my master, I want to be his only one Sweet Mary's late so call me after, I can't come home my works not done I'm burying bones out in the garden because I don't need them anymore If you're alone I beg your pardon, was only greed that wanted more A heavy load makes for good passage, you need some grit between the lines So I bestow to you this baggage if you bequeath to me your time If I could only beg your pardon for all the blood and all the wine I'd put you in a better passage, if I just believed your lies Do you remember everything that you never done for me? And everything I said I'd change for you? Just let me be, so I can then use it just to get through it I fell in love, but I haven't got enough time love
Stay With Me 05:35
Been changing with the seasons, not fast enough to fall You know I've got my reasons Hanging round with ghosts and wiry looking crows and in Winter I was freezing Paying for my problems and praying for a fame I miss you when its Autumn So why do you blossom and I fall down and Turn into something rotten? Stay with me darling, stay with me The book about an old man high up in the tree and He's looking for his old hat He finds it in the densest thicket of the branches Extends his arm in reach Buried under kingdoms and more than one opinion What sense is there in stories? The old man and his glory had time enough to teach
I'm good at keeping secrets down at the deepest Part of my underside, down with my own designs I keep them safe from others, even my mother Happy to just take part, see I don't have the heart Too old to just take chances, too old for romances Only seventeen... I would have died for you, I love you, I love you I'll stop the sun from rising, stay in the night And only time will tell if it will rise again The colour in me is fading, it's started decaying My roots are less curious, much less arboreous Dont wake me in the morning, I am in mourning And only time will tell if I will spring again
Mary I still want you I don’t want to leave without my satchel Couldn’t grieve this fragile fashion I don’t know what you know Tried to wait inside your chapel Wait for something more to happen But I don’t know what you know Mary I still want you; I want you to be happy, so forget me Have a meaningful encounter Get the answers that I’ve paid for But it’s the same old tired examples Only lesson is to be faithful You’re the good and bad in battle I’m the gravel on a new grave Yet, your light's so fucking fragile We just sit and stand and behave You’re afraid of all these dragons I’m afraid of never living Couldn’t grieve this fragile fashion I can’t do it, please forgive me


'88 is Elephants 2nd album.
It is a fly-on-the-wall concept album about time travel and regret.

"A bittersweet masterpiece *****" - 5 Stars, The Irish Times

"The Dundalk native embraces Eighties-influenced sounds for this quietly dazzling collection" Sunday Times

"88 is an album about life itself" - 9/10, The Last Mixed Tape

"An Irish masterpiece on so many levels" - Remy

“Album of the Month” – John Loftus, 8 Radio


released July 20, 2018

Songs written by Shane Clarke a.k.a. Elephant
Recorded by Joseph Edwards, Peter Baldwin (Black Mountain Studios) & Shane Clarke
Produced by Joseph Edwards
Mixed by Marc Carolan
Mastered by Aidan Foley
Artwork by Taine King


all rights reserved



Elephant Dundalk, Ireland

Elephant, the musical vehicle of Dundalk based multi-instrumentalist Shane Clarke has taken a turn to a darker alternative-pop sound with his new album, titled ‘88’.
OUT 20/6/18

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